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Rental service

Does your organisation have to deal with seasonal peaks and troughs? Do you have to deal with a one-off order which makes additional demands on your logistic equipment? Or do you feel reluctant to continually invest in logistic equipment. No problem! Rotom has an enormous rental pool in Europe and can provide you with the necessary logistic product within 24 hours.

Maximum storage flexibility with 'Rental Mobile racks'
Do you have seasonal products which require additional storage capacity during a specific period? If so, why not rent some flexible Mobile racks from Rotom? The Mobile racks can built-up quickly and don't need to be anchored to the warehouse floor. The mobile rack system is TUV certified and guarantees safe storage when used correctly.

Rotom Roll containers for efficient distribution
Roll containers are often used for a good, quick and safe delivery of your goods to the shops. Missing out on your turnover because your goods weren't in the shops on time is out of the question. Rotom provides technical assistance for  major retailers specialising in both food and non-food, distribution centres and wholesalers with a large rental pool for nestable and standard roll containers.

Gitter boxes for a uniform delivery
Particularly for suppliers in the automotive industry, Rotom rents Euro Gitter boxes produced or repaired according to UIC 435-3 standards.
For more information, see Epal-pallets.de

Plastic Pallet boxes
Rotom rents pallet boxes with closed walls and perforated walls, stackable and foldable.
The boxes are rented for order picking operations, fruit and vegetable harvesting, events, recycling materials, etc.

Plastic and wooden pallets
Rotom rents plastic and wooden pallets for various purposes. In addition, Rotom offers pallet-pooling concepts.
For more information, see www.2return.nl

All our rental products comply with the strictest quality requirements and we also anticipate our client's need when it comes to cost efficiency.  In short: if you believe in flexibility and speedy delivery times are important, then hiring our high-quality logistic equipment is the perfect solution.
Do you want to rent or lease a logistic product, but this product is not in the standard Rotom rental assortment? If so, please contact our sales department and we'll happily consider offering a logistic solution.

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