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Pooling / 2Return

Rotom offers its clients environmentally friendly solutions for pallet pooling, pallet banking as well as cash-back solutions.

Rotom pallet collection System:

Rotom delivers standard and client-specific pallets/packaging to clients, who then send these pallets along with goods to various recipients. Rotom is given information from the client about the number of pallets sent  to each delivery address. Rotom organises collection of  empty pallets and transports these to one of  Rotom Depots in Europe. After sorting and potential repairs, the pallets are once again offered  at a lower rate. Consequently, Rotom can offer its customers considerable savings.


2Return, founded in 2010 is 100% Daughter Company of Rotom Europe BV and acts independently form other Rotom companies. Its focus is providing logistics services for load carriers generated by a network of participating companies carefully selected on their suitability and individual added value to the total service provisioning.  
For more information, click on www.2return.nl