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The strength of 2Return is to relieve the customer with the logistics of their logistic loading carriers in the supply chain from production to get back at the end of the chain.
A network of cooperating specialized companies realize in charge by 2Return, high quality pool systems for each type of load carrier in each industry.
The result is an unparalleled service to our customers and the users of load carriers.

2Return, founded in 2010 is 100% Daughter Company of Rotom Europe BV and acts independently form other Rotom companies. Its focus is providing logistics services for load carriers generated by a network of participating companies carefully selected on their suitability and individual added value to the total service provisioning. 

Clustering strategic strengths and practical solutions of Rotom and partners is the driving force behind the European network that ensures across border multiple use of load carriers. Process optimization ensures longer lifetime and increased employability of load carriers at lower total costs and reduced environmental impact.

Load carriers are the basic tool to transport products across the Supply Chain. Because they are raw materials, half-finished or finished products, one always needs the load carrier to deliver the product safely and in good condition to the final customer. A lot of attention is paid to the product, the packaging and in most cases also to the load carrier. Once the mission successfully completed, the loose load carrier often remains unattended. This is the point where 2Return continues their focus on the load carrier in order to return it in a fast but controlled manner to the originator for its next trip. Ensured availability will keep your products on the move anytime, anywhere.

For more information, visit our website: www.2return.co.uk or dial: +31(0)-499 496 590

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